Smart Temperature-Adjustable Gloves
Smart Temperature-Adjustable Gloves
Smart Temperature-Adjustable Gloves
Smart Temperature-Adjustable Gloves

Smart Temperature-Adjustable Gloves

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Put An End To The Freezing Misery of Your Hands With Smart Temperature-adjustable Gloves & Keep Yourself Warm and Cozy in the Most Chilly Weather!

Cold Hands? Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the icy hands with our Smart Temperature-Adjustable Gloves that keeps your hands warm on those long winter days, and nights. With its waterproof feature, Whether you’re skiing or going for a stroll, the gloves provide the ideal protection against wind, rain, and snow. The smart functionality lets you operate the touchscreen devices without putting off the gloves. Warm-up your cold hands in seconds!


  • SMART TOUCHSCREEN SUPPORTED: The gloves are coated with conductive leather on the forefinger and thumb that is suitable to control smart devices. The touchscreen-sensitive fabric facilitates you to take a selfie, browse Instagram, or do whatever you want except taking off your gloves.

  • WIDE OUTDOOR USAGE: This electrically heated glove is suitable for outdoor activities such as; winter skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles, snow shoveling, cycling, climbing, hiking, hunting, ice-fishing, mountaineering, and so on. Ideal for numerous outdoor sports on chilly days.

  • SUPREME QUALITY MATERIAL: The waterproof, windproof layer surface is made of polyester waterproof fabric and sponge, the warm layer is made of velvet material. The heating layer is made of cotton that covers the fingers and the back of your hand.

  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: You can adjust the glove’s temperature in 3 heating levels, which you can smartly control by the silicon switch. Warm-up Your Numb Freezing Hands in Seconds With This Waterproof Smart Temperature-adjustable Gloves!

  • COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The gloves are lightweight and compact, which gives you comfortable wearing. The practical glove has an excellent grip that has a non-slip texture. It’s convenient to control.

  • RECHARGEABLE FEATURE: The gloves package includes a lithium battery with a charging cable. It features a humanized, zipper battery installation bag that keeps your battery safe. You can charge it anywhere anytime. 

  • ENHANCE HEALTH CONDITION: The heating gloves can heat your hands all the time from the back of the hand to the fingers, which is beneficial for arthritis, poor blood circulation, joint stiffness, and Raynaud’s disease. 

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The heat reflective strips on the back of gloves improves safety while riding. The adjustable buckle, and pull string makes a perfect fit to your hands — features a convenient hook for glove storage.

  • WARM-UP YOUR WINTER: With high, medium, and low heat settings, you can get the warmest hands in this chilly weather. The maximum temperature reaches 65 ° C that keeps you warm all day and night.

  • WATERPROOF & DURABLE: The durable, waterproof, and windproof fabric are extensive, and sturdy for daily usage. 


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