Quantum Magnetic Eyelash Kit
Quantum Magnetic Eyelash Kit
Quantum Magnetic Eyelash Kit
Quantum Magnetic Eyelash Kit

Quantum Magnetic Eyelash Kit

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Quantum Magnetic Eyelash Kit- No Messy Adhesives, Apply Lashes Like a Pro in Seconds!

Want to create perfect, beautiful eyelashes in seconds? But, also tired of putting on your falsies?

Now you can extend your eyelashes and be ready in seconds with this Natural Looking Quantum Magnetic Eyelash Kit! It gently merges your natural lashes to create bolder, fuller lashes instantly.No messy glues or adhesives required! The secure micro-magnetic technology keeps your lashes securely in place until you remove them. Amazing, huh?


  • SAVE TIME: Sometimes, you are in a hurry that you can’t take too much time to wear false eyelashes. Applying these magnetic eyelashes is super quick and easy that can be your best partner to save time while doing your makeup. With an innovative curved shape, these professional eyelash tweezers can safely apply lashes in seconds with extreme precision. Bring the professional salon experience right to your home!

  • HASSLE-FREE APPLICATION: No messy glues or adhesives required to use the magnetic false eyelashes. The magnetic strips of the tweezers automatically grab the magnetic eyelashes that you don’t have to clip it manually. Just attach, clip & release! No pain and zero irritation for your eyes.

  • 2-IN-1 EYELASH KIT: Along with putting on an eyelash, the tool can be used as an eyelash curler and false eyelash remover that can remove the lash band without harming the eye area. Painless and straightforward tool ever!

  • TOP & BOTTOM MAGNETIC LASHES: Magnetic eyelashes magnets your natural lash, attach with ease. Serve you right for a very long time without making the actual lashes too heavy or bulky.

  • REUSABLE & DAMAGE-FREE: The magnetic eyelash is designed for everyday use, doesn’t damage your natural lashes. These magnetic lashes weigh nothing that you’ll ever forget about it!

  • NATURAL & ELEGANT: The eyelash is perfectly elongated and natural-looking. Apply the magnetic lashes on your eyes and achieve a natural and glamorous look!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & SECURE: Our magnetic lashes are made from premium, ultra-soft, lightweight, and ultra-thin fiber. Comfortable and safe for your all-day wearing.

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