Iridescence Glittery Eye Shadow
Iridescence Glittery Eye Shadow
Iridescence Glittery Eye Shadow
Iridescence Glittery Eye Shadow
Iridescence Glittery Eye Shadow

Iridescence Glittery Eye Shadow

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Add a Dash of Dazzles to Your Eyelids With Amazing Color Changing Effect & Give Your Makeover a Glittery Treat With Iridescence Glittery EyeShadow! 

Tired of applying traditional eyeshadow? Want to try something unique & glamourous? Iridescence Glittery Eye Shadow is there to brighten your eyelids with different reflective colors according to different light angles. With the soft texture, you can apply the eyeshadow conveniently with your fingertips. Add a revolution to your eyes!


  • EASY APPLICATION: The lightweight liquid eyeshadow is convenient to apply. Apply a little amount of eyeshadow to the eyelid with your fingertips. The super-blendable eyeshadow doesn’t take more time to apply. You can wipe it up with cleansing oil, or facial cleanser.

  • GLOWY EFFECT: The eye shadow adds the effect of sparkling diamonds on your eyes. This sparkly eyeshadow powder will make your makeover pop out. This eyeshadow is super pigmented, bold, and beautiful. Colors shifts from one angle to another. 

  • COLOR CHANGING EFFECT: The eye shadow will reflect different colors according to the different angles that make your makeup more colorful and glamorous. Everyone will be amazed at its color-changing effect!

  • CREATE GORGEOUS LOOKS: With its pigmented and beautiful color texture, you can create different looks. Add some eyeshadow to your eyelid, and get ready to stunt in a crowd!

  • SMOOTH TEXTURE: This eyeshadow has a silky and creamy texture that does not produce any uneven lid.  A little goes a long way. The coverage will conceal your eyelid wrinkles.

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