1080P WiFi Ear Endoscope
1080P WiFi Ear Endoscope
1080P WiFi Ear Endoscope
1080P WiFi Ear Endoscope
1080P WiFi Ear Endoscope

1080P WiFi Ear Endoscope

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The Safest Way To Ensure Healthy Ears With 1080P WiFi Ear Endoscope!

Do you want to ensure healthy ears of yours and your loved ones? With a 1080P WiFi Ear Endoscope, you can inspect and clean listeners safely.


  • SUPREME QUALITY CAMERA RESOLUTION: Ultra-small 3.9MM diameter otoscope camera is featured with a 2.0 MP CMOS sensor camera. It can easily access the ear canal, providing a more precise image and more outstanding color reproduction no matter how dark the ear is. 

  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY: This ear otoscope can work well with all of android and ios devices. And also, you can use it on your tablet. You can also use it for checking the ear canal, eardrum, mouth, ear, nose, throat, nasal cavity, scalp hair root, or other body parts.

  • FRANTIC DESIGN: This WiFi Ear Endoscope has to streamline handle and human engineering mechanics design. The outer casing of the ear inspection camera adopts ABS polishing technology that has excellent impact strength and wears resistance.

  • SAFE & PROTECTIVE: It provides you with a comfortable and safe feeling while using this tool. This tool is equipped with a protective cover to avoid accidentally injuring vulnerable ear canal. You can enjoy the process of removing the earwax.

  • ULTIMATE LIGHT LENS: The otoscope can reach the eardrum and deep inside the ear canal. A protection ring is used to protect the ear. 6 strong lights can help you light up the channel and see the dark place. 

  • CHECK YOUR EAR YOURSELF: The endoscope can be connected with a wireless signal to your Android phone/tablet. Without a doctor’s visit, it’s portable and convenient for the daily ear health checks.


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